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GWT German Water Treatment GmbH
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Business Approach We spend every year between 20% and 30% of its profit on research and development. GWT develops its own proprietary processes to maintain a unique point of difference as a “boutique designer” servicing particular niche markets. GWT maintains a close relationship with a number of Universities and Research Institutes in Germany who provide the company with the necessary scientific support for its research and development work. This cooperation is monitored and quality assured by the Federal Government of Germany. GWT assesses every project on its merits. Based on laboratory and on site testing the appropriate processes are carefully designed and engineered. The basic approach is as follows: 1.Laboratory testing A client sends a sample of water to our workshop for laboratory and preliminary testing. Depending on the process the sample can be as small as a 25 L canister or up to a 1000 L IBC. While this is simple in Europe, it is more difficult if not impossible to take this approach for overseas customers. For overseas customers we conduct the laboratory testing at their location. First the water samples are tested in jar tests in our workshop laboratory. If we test oil we have a special test rig for filtration. 2.Pilot testing In a second test we run a sample through a preliminary test. This can happen at our workshop or on site. This will provide us with the certainty that the process will work and we can offer our clients to move to the next test phase, that pilot trial. The pilot trial will ascertain or verify the operating cost and will provide important parameters for the process design. Once the preliminary testing was successful and it was established that the membrane process can be applied than the pilot plant is brought to site to verify the findings, establish the operating cost and prove the feasibility. The pilot test on site proves the process and verifies the operating cost. It also provides valuable long term data for the design of the process 3.Design, Engineering, Construction, Commissioning With the data from the pilot trial the process engineer can work through the process design. The project engineer follows up with the process engineering and follows the design through with the technicians to make sure all details are addressed and all experience from previous projects have been incorporated. The project engineer who designs the process will later commission the plant. This will promote the learning from our mistakes. 4.Operating support When the plant has been commissioned we assist with the operation for a period of 1, 2 or 4 years, depending on the complexity of the process, the staffing on site, the client’s policy on non- core processes or businesses. We can send operators to site, or, can assist with the operation from our office with a remote link. 5.Maintenance and service GWT has maintenance technicians going to site servicing and maintaining plants in regular intervals throughout the warranty period. If the clients wish, the maintenance can be extended.